Comex Group

Comex Holdings is a global holding company with branches in Europe, Russia, and China. Since being established, Comex has been committed to promoting Europe-Asia bilateral trade by developing commercial B2B platforms in Eurasia, which provide comprehensive support services and solutions in one stop, for European and Chinese manufacturers.

The company is currently dedicated to the development of the International Industry Technology Trade and Exhibition Center (ITEC) wholesale trade hubs:

  • In Europe : ITEC Europe , with an initial development covering 300,000 square meters, ITEC Europe is expected to be the largest international display and trading platform in Europe, serving as Chinese enterprises’ entry into EU markets.
  • In China: 4 megacentres are being developped in Zhongshan , Harbin, Wuhan and Chengdu.

Comex is managed by a multinational, multilingual team of highly experienced professionnals.


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In Europe, Comex is managed by :



President of Comex Holdings


Frédéric Basset graduated from Ecole Centrale of Paris with a Master's Degree in Engineering. He started his career in a firm specialized in intellectual property. With the introduction in the 80s of CCDs cameras, he started a company in France to produce automatic inspection system for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry. The company quickly expanded to the USA, Japan, and started selling to Russia. This led him to setting-up a joint venture which sold turnkey PCB plants to Russia. Over the past 20 years, capitalising on his know-how and international industrial and commercial success, he has focused on real estate in Russia.


President of Comex Euro Developments


With a diploma in Public Law Economics of the Institute of Political Studies of Paris, Régis Passerieux a former student of the ENA (the elite French National School of Administration, training future high level French civil servants), has successively exercised the functions of civil administrator in the French Department of the Interior, and Mayor of Agde from 1989 to 2001 and General Counsel of the Herault county from 1994 to 2008. He has also been chairman of the public company for the development and management of the tourist resort of Cap d'Agde, whose guest accomodation facilities make it the first tourist seaside resort in Europe. Acting as a lawyer specializing in economic law, with offices in Paris and Brussels since 2002 and in China since 2009. In China he assisted major French companies in their development. Today he is president of Comex Euro Developments, a 100% subsidiary of Comex Holdings in charge of the Marketing and Development of ITEC China Centres of Europe and of the production of ITEC services. He is Knight of the Legion of Honor (the highest decoration in France).


Vice president of Comex Euro Developments.

President of Terralorraine SAS


Graduated in Law studies (Paris University ASSAS), Max Salomon, after having exercised the functions of sales director for Armand Colin and then in the real estate group Jacques Ribourel, has been adviser to the minister of tourism (1981-1983 and 1990-1993), then deputy director of the French Agency of Tourism Engineering (1993-1997), and director of the international department of the French ministry of tourism (1998-2007). Senior expert in development projects, he is chairman of Terralorraine SAS and vice-president of COMEX Euro Developments both 100% subsidiaries of Comex Holdings. He is Knight of the Legion of Honor (the highest  decoration in France).

Marketing & Communications Manager

James Mcilkenny graduated from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow,UK) with a BA Honours degree in International Business & Modern Languages. After working for VetsNow as part of the team that developed the PetNet social community website, James moved to Seller Dynamics, working in a marketing role promoting the brand and creating and implementing online marketing campaigns. Now Marketing & Communications Manager at Comex Holdings, he is responsible for the development of marketing tools, and liasing with the Comex sales and marketing teams in both Europe & China.


European Business Development Support Manager


Marie Baur received a Bachelor's Degree in Management Techniques , and a Master's Degree in International Business. She had her first experience in the export department of a banking and insurance company. She now heads the European Business Development Support Desk of Comex Euro Developments and is in charge of coordinating sales and marketing teams in Europe, and liaising with Comex China team.