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Comex Group

Comex Holdings Ltd is a global holding company with branches in Europe, Russia, and Asia-Pacific regions, specialising in industry strategic investment. Since its establishment, Comex has been committed to promoting Europe-Asia bilateral trade by developing commercial complex projects across the world, providing B2B e-commerce trade, logistics, finance, and comprehensive one stop support services and solutions which focus on trade for European and Asian enterprises.

The company is currently dedicated to the development of the International Industry Technology Trade Exhibition Centre (ITEC) projects across the world.

Comex Holdings is developing the ITEC Europe Centre, a 240 000 m² (+2 583 000 sq ft) advanced business platform which will offer a simple yet hugely effective solution to increase and simplify trade between professional European buyers and Chinese manufacturers.

Comex Holdings has developed O2O, the on-line (ITEC B2B) and off-line (ITEC Euro Centre) solution.

Other similar projects in Russia and China are in progress.